Well, where to start? At the beginning it seems! We all have that first time with anything new we start. It can feel exciting, unnerving and when it comes to our bodies we can feel limited and uncertain of our capabilities. For me, going on my first yoga retreat in Italy was what inspired me to then go on to becoming a yoga teacher… and you would’ve never predicted that a year or so before. It was a life changing experience, quite literally. Not only the fantastic yoga I was taking part in but the like minded people also on the retreat, I felt at home, I found my tribe and this was where my real yoga journey begun. Tell me all the things you would worry about being a beginner and I can guarantee, we’ve all been there. Even thinking about what to wear on a yoga retreat, will everyone else be super flexible when I’m not, how do I sit in meditation? Can I even sit down in mediation for longer than 30 seconds before wondering what time lunch is…? So my best advice is, just allow… allow yourself time and space to relax, find your flow, open your heart and mind to new possibilities and let the path of yoga expand your being as far and wide as you feel comfortable with at the pace that suits you. 

One of my most favourite things as a yoga teacher is seeing the transformation of people that attend a yoga retreat. People turning up sometimes stressed, a little uptight, full of anticipation and reserve and cut to one week later, huge smiles, lots of hugs with their “new friends”, a relaxed body and mind, glowing and looking about 10 years younger! Yes! All in a week. At Immersive Yoga we practice daily meditation, yoga, breathing techniques for everyday living, eat healthy vegetarian food, offer the extra services of massage or reiki and allow space and time for plenty of freedom to relax on the beach, to read your favourite book, hike to Moon beach if you like mindful walking, exploring the beautiful island of Ibiza or simply just taking a “siesta”. 

As a responsible and experienced yoga teacher I teach all my classes with a “beginners” eye. Taking into account each and every person that appears in front of me as a unique individual with complete compassion, alertness, observation and creativity. Not one size fits all. We are all different shapes, sizes, ages and have different ailments, injuries to consider and care for. Mindful yoga, mindful living.  Also during the retreat we will explore different types of yoga, meditation and pranayama to really give you all the options and to see what suits you. A yoga retreat is the perfect way to spend the week taking part in a variety of yogic practices. Speaking to other students about their journey, what they’ve liked, disliked. Myself and other yoga teachers are also at hand to ask any questions throughout your week or even try a personal one on one private lesson if you would like a personalised practice developed just for you. 

“Be a perpetual beginner. Always be inspired. It is that attitude of inspiration and belief that creates energy” – Frederick Lenz