Immersive Yoga is held at Villa Roca which is a hacienda of Bauhaus design, built by the late Ibizencan architect Erwin Bronner, whose own house is now a museum in Ibiza Town. The villa features terracotta floors, tiered balconies, and open fireplaces. It has a large living room area, and a spacious outside open plan terrace, where guests dine, relax and socialise.

Situated 30 metres above sea level and a 3 minute 180-meter walk to the beach, along a private path. Villa Roca sits in 20 acres of land which is filled with wildflowers, pear, olive, apple, orange, and banana trees. To cap it all, it is nestled amongst a beautiful pine forest.

On clear days, it has almost uninterrupted sunshine from early morning to afternoon. With five large bedrooms, two of which have balconies, and one with its own door leading to the garden.

For an unforgettable experience, book your holiday with Immersive Yoga, where you will start your holiday saying hello to strangers, and leave saying goodbye to friends.

You will not find a better located, affordable yoga retreat on the whole of Ibiza.

Benirras beach

The Benirras beach is a 4-minute walk from Villa Roca and the Pagoda Garden along a private-path.  One of the most famous beaches on the island, steeped in beach history, home to the worlds most luxurious super-yachts that come and go the occupants of which frequents the beach restaurants. Benirras is the only bay on the island to be designated a nature reserve therefore not a single hotel in sight.

We now have one cafe, bar open all year round on Benirras beach.

Benirras is in the unspoiled north of the island, an area rich in ley lines and with a strong spiritual history. Famous for its wonderful sunsets, the west-facing bay is home to a rock known as ‘The King of Benirras’ which sits majestically in the crystalline waters. The beach has three typical Spanish restaurants and an ice cream and juice bar.

The strict local planning laws ensure that no unsightly hotels or resorts are built in this area of outstanding natural beauty.  Villa Roca and the Pagoda Garden and the owners Villa Nova are among the less than a dozen villas in this unspoiled nature harbour.

A well-kept secret by the locals, the wide curved beach is of soft sand that gently slopes into the sea. The sheltered natural harbour is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motorboats, who often gather there to enjoy the romantic sundown. Good for snorkellers. Size: 160 metres long, 40 metres wide. Naked bathing to one side of the beach.

Benirras beach has been voted ‘the 4th best beach in Europe’ by the Sunday Times Travel Supplement and the best address in Ibiza by The best of Ibiza Magazine.

Available Rooms

Villa Room 1

Room 1: Situated at the back of the Villa with its own side entrance and windows that face East, so plenty of morning sunshine as it rises in the morning. No other room in the villa has this aspect. The double doors open out to the large garden which contains many fruit trees. Sit outside the room and view distant pinewood hills and forests. There are large cupboards and wardrobe for storage. This is the only room upstairs in the villa that has its own entrance although it only locks from the inside so guests use it to air the room or sit outside in the sun but not as a door to enter through. There is a washing line close to the room for your private use. The room is next to a bathroom which is shared with Room 3. Pagoda 6 can be seen in the garden from this Room.

Villa Room 2

Room 2: Situated at the back of the villa a very basic bedroom but a favorite of many returning guest and historically tends to get booked up first. Receives the least natural sunlight / daylight as there is only one small window. All the other rooms have ceiling to floor doors that open out of the Villa. This room is enclosed within the Villa and that is the appeal to some guests. The one window has the view of pagoda 3 in the garden and the landscape beyond. The window’s wooden shutters open up to on to the steps that lead up to the yoga deck. The pagoda guests use the steps to access their pagodas. There is a large wardrobe for storage and a full length mirror. The Bathroom is next door and is shared with Room 4.

Villa Room 3 (with balcony)

Large ceiling to floor windows containing french doors opening on to your own balcony and possible to step off your balcony on to the terrace where guests eat the daily meal. Situated at the front of the villa overlooking the garden, driveway and the distant road that heads in and out of Benirras. There are large wardrobes for storage. There are two ways of entering this room, from the terrace and from inside of the villa. You can book this room as two single beds or one double bed.

Villa Room 4 (with balcony)

Ceiling to floor windows containing french doors that lead on to own private balcony. Situated at the front of the villa overlooking terraced garden, pagoda 1 ,stairs to enter the villa and the main terrace where guests eat the daily meal. Pagoda 2 is situated on the roof directly above this room. There is a large wardrobe for storage. Room 4 shares a bathroom with Room 2.

Villa Room 5 (En-suite)

On ground floor level overlooking Villa Nova and its gardens. Directly above room 5 is the communal terrace where the daily meal is served. The main part of the villa is upstairs from room 5. This is the only accommodation in Villa Roca with en-suite shower room. It offers from a communal terrace its own entrance with double glass doors and non opening floor to ceiling windows. Next to this room is the laundry and store room. The room does not receive much direct sunlight due to its North facing aspect. If you like some privacy this is the room to book.

Pagoda Garden

If you want to feel closer to nature, why not try one of our delightful pagodas , in the garden of Villa Roca. It has easy access to the yoga deck and its facilities include a really refreshing, powerful shower. By day, you can surround yourself with the sounds of countless birds, including robins, hawks, swifts, sparrows, and gulls, and feel the sea air fill and clean your lungs.

At night you can send yourself to sleep listening to the gentle sound of nature and the sweet scent of pine trees. If you live in a town or city, you will be taken aback by its silence, save the calming sounds of crickets and feel of the breeze. On moonlit nights you can see the shimmering trees and fauna cast their shadows in what can only be described as magical.

On clear summer nights, you will recognize the many constellations, with the Milky Way spread across the sky like magic dust, and if you are really lucky, you can see shooting stars. After a night or two, you will forget all about the traffic, noise and pollution of the big city and almost imagine you are back in time, when people lived simply, spending their lives amongst nature.

Pagoda 1

Traditional Balinese Pagoda hut.

Situated in the garden on a terrace high above the Villa in a row of three pagodas overlooking the valley, and pine-clad hills.3 sides of the pagoda are nestled into the cutaway hillside. North East Facing. It has its own electricity. Underneath are lockable draws for luggage. Fairy lights illuminate the interior, window shutters on two sides, and one plug socket. Two single beds and can be made into a double. 

Pagoda 2

Situated on the roof of the villa above Room 4, close to the yoga space with views over the garden and valley.

Wooden window shutters, single beds, the interior is surrounded with fairy light and there is one electrical point. Many of the therapies such as massage that are offered at the retreat take place on the yoga space outside of yoga class hours.  This space is next to Pagoda 2.  The wall of the pagoda that faces East is solid wood. The 2 sides with wooden shutter windows look towards North West and North. This pagoda and Number 3 are the only pagodas to receive wi-fi.

Pagoda 3

Traditional Balinese Pagoda hut.

Closest pagoda to the villa positioned on a terrace in the garden. It is close to Room 4 and the stairs that lead to the yoga space.
Large underfloor lockable storage draws. Sleeps two with views of the garden.
Use of outdoor shower facilities & toilets. Pagoda Guests are only allowed to use the Kitchen & Living Room inside Villa Roca, all other rooms and facilities are for Villa Roca guests only. You can receive wifi from this pagoda and there is a power point.  The wooden shutter window doors open up and face North.  The back of the pagoda is nestled into the cutaway hillside that has been brick walled.

Pagoda 4

Traditional Balinese Pagoda tucked into the corner of our Pagoda Garden with far reaching valley views. One of the first Pagodas to be sold due to its location.

Lockable Storage
1 Bath Towel
1 Hand towel
Mosquito Net
Shared Bathroom ( 2 Sinks, 1 Toilet, 1 Hot and Powerful Shower)
Extra Outdoor Shower ( Hot and Powerful Shower with an Incredible View)

Wifi is only available in Villa Roca, Pagoda 2 and Pagoda 3.

All guests staying in our Pagoda Garden are also allowed to join guests in the Villa Roca lounge and terrace with included access to the kitchen. Guests staying in the Pagoda Garden are not allowed to use the Villa Roca Bathroom, and guests staying in Villa Roca are not allowed to use the Pagoda Garden Facilities.

Pagoda 5 The Queen

Traditional Balinese Pagoda hut.

Situated in the highest position of all the pagodas built on large concrete stilts.

The best views are to be had from this pagoda and it is the favourite of many returning guests but is the furthest from the villa. Open the large wooden shutters and look toward the East and watch the sunrise.

The Queen Pagoda has two single beds. One electrical point. Fairy lights illuminating interior.

Large lockable storage draws under pagoda floor.

If there were to be a downside to this pagoda it is the fact that there is no flat ground to place a chair to enjoy the scenery, the steps up to it are also steep and more suited to the outdoor type of person wearing a sturdy shoe.  For the chance to sit outside your Pagoda choose 1 or 2.

Universal Points
The wifi only works in the Villa, on the terrace and in Pagoda 2 and 3.  Drop down lockable shutters block the sunlight and give extra privacy in all pagodas but are openable and we recommend you open them in high season to get any evening breeze. Pagodas can be chilly at night between October and May. One hot water outdoor shower, one cold outdoor shower, two sinks and a toilet service the entire pagoda garden. Use of villa toilets and shower rooms not permitted. All toilets on site are not connected to main drainage which means we like many villas have a septic tank so waste drains by soakaway, this means it does not accept toilet paper. We kindly ask that 95% of the paper you use is put in a bin provided in the toilet area which is emptied once a day.   Towels are not supplied but can be ordered at check out when booking or by asking on arrival.  We suggest that you bring one pair of walking shoes/trainers for walking along the garden paths but not necessary for Pagoda 2 or 3. Pathways are partially lit by solar lights only, please bring a torch. There are two lockable draws underneath each pagoda, we hire out padlocks for free but ask for a deposit best bring your own padlock for ease.  The villa is only available for tea and coffee making plus internet use during the hours of 8 am to 10 pm.  All meals are served on the terrace of Villa Roca. If you are traveling alone and we do not find you a ‘pagoda room-mate’ you will have the pagoda to yourself. Beds are made with fresh bed linen and pagodas are cleaned on Saturdays only leaving week-day bed making for the guests to do. Only the outdoor shower block and communal area are cleaned each day. We do not make your beds each day. The pagodas are usually our first accommodation to get booked up all season long, reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Casitas – In Spanish, Casita is translated as “tiny house”

180 metres from the beach along a private path. This in time is less than a 3 minute walk away. 3 bedrooms . 2 bathrooms. Basic kitchen inside the living room with a fireplace. This is a very basic accommodation solution.

Chill out area at the back.  Views over the large garden. Shared back garden gate to a private path that leads to the beach.

There is a 90 second walk up steps to the yoga deck , maybe 2 minutes at a slower pace.

General overall information 

Beds are made with fresh bed linen and bedrooms are cleaned on Saturdays only, leaving week-day bed making and room tidying to the guests. Communal areas are cleaned each day.

Food The food is prepared and cooked at Villa Nova. Self serve breakfast and one meal a day is included in the price.

Towels are provided but not beach towels. We have some very basic ones available on request.

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