Immersive Yoga will be setting off sail over to the stunning Southern Turkish Coast in 2023.

The actual retreat is based in the ‘Peaceful Valley’ which is surrounded by nature. The nearest coastal town is a small town in the Fethiye district called Gocek, just 15 minutes drive from the retreat. The yoga schedule runs Monday to Monday so why not spend a few days exploring this beautiful  bay?

Scenically beautiful, great facilities and some wonderful places to explore and discover right on your doorstep, Gocek is a classy destination.

5 vibes for Göcek

Go on the 12 Island Boat Trip

The boat tours that take you around all 12 islands are an experience like no other. They give you the opportunity to spend the entire day surrounded by natural beauty. Surrounded by the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, you can visit quaint little villages nestled in the area’s lush forests. As the boat makes its way around the islands, you won’t just come face-to-face with history, but you’ll see the incredible emerald tones of the surrounding forests as they contrast with the deep turquoise waters of the sea.

Go Shopping

Göcek is a small town with a rich variety of restaurants and shops. Many famous people like to spend their holidays in Göcek. Local markets are ideal places to enjoy some shopping especially on Sundays where you will find handmade local goods and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Visit the Secret Beach of Göcek

You can take the water taxi to Göcek island and have a great time on a secluded beach. This area has a café and changing rooms. Be aware, however, that the last boat heads out at around 6 pm in the evening.

Have Dinner at the Seaside Restaurants

In Göcek, you’ll find many restaurants to suit any budget both in the town and in the hotels along the shoreline!

So, it’s possible to eat delicious fish and seafood, vegetables or meat dishes with the sound of the lapping waves next to you!

Raise Your Adrenaline Levels with a Paragliding Trip

“Babadağ” Mount, located in nearby Ölüdeniz close to Fethiye, is the most popular paragliding spot of Türkiye.

Driving from Göcek to Babadağ takes just one hour. Don’t leave this small and lovely holiday town without experiencing paragliding between the verdant mountains and turquoise sea!