As we approach the Sagittarius Full Moon this Friday 5th June I felt compelled to write this piece on “truth”. Full moons are a time of illumination and Sagittarius is the “Truth Seeker”. There will also be a Lunar eclipse packing a powerful energetic punch urging us to purge what no longer serves our higher selves, paving the road for new directions. A special opportunity to journey into the ‘Hall of Mirrors’, to address a part of yourself that you may have been avoiding or have not seen clearly. See the unclear, the unacknowledged, the illusion of problems. This is your chance to see the truth, to complete an unfinished lesson. Look into the mirror that reveals the unconscious and see the shadowy parts of yourself that show you what stands between yourself and the light. You are being given the gift of insight!

Use the world and other people as mirrors for your discovery process. Holding to your own fixed position keeps situations from changing. If you are holding a strong position, convinced that only you are “right”, free yourself to experience the power held in changing positions. Experiment with letting go or taking the others viewpoint. Step into the other side of the mirror, after all the Sun is in the dualistic sign of Gemini.

We live in a time/space framework that is expanding so that separation can be healed and heaven and Earth become one. Judgement and acceptance are opposite sides of the same mirror. Walk through the reflections into the Greater Reality. Use the sword of discernment to cut away judgement of self and others. Judgment is the primary tool of separation. When someone acts outside your perceived version of reality, you may feel justified in putting them in a separate category from yourself. You offer no permission for their behaviour or choices. Understand that judgment only occurs when something threatens the security or status of the ego’s position. Judgement is the means by which the ego maintains control by defining and limiting the areas, which must be avoided, to support it’s time honoured perception of reality. The ego says basically, “I am not that”, to define what it “is” and thus to feel safe in that limited definition. Unconditional allowance is the servant of love, as judgment is the tool of separation. Self acceptance has the power to release and forgive all things that keep you from the clear reflection of that which you truly are.

Look into your life’s mirror and use it to cut away all that is clouding your clarity and radiance. Clearly see their reflections and gain their insights and wisdom. What appears in this mirror always reveals the teachings most needed for growth and unfoldment. Open to your Essence or Witness Self, which can see problems and shadows as gifts of spiritual understanding. Also be willing to look at the mirrors provided by other people, to see how you contribute to and maintain the illusions in your life. If you have a strong reaction to someone or something, look with awareness at your judgments, resentments, and charged reactions. See the gifts in the magical mirror. Be willing to use it to truly see, forgive, and transform. Ask trusted friends to share their perceptions about you. Take the opportunity to journey together through the Hall of Mirrors. As a spiritual warrior, be willing to take risks that will help you to forgive yourself and others. See yourself, shadow and all, freed from the maze of mental illusion. The reason I speak this truth is because I’ve been there, actually I am there… so take my hand and lets walk through the clear reflection together into the Greater Reality.

Truth, call my name. I stand naked before you, stripped of illusion. I bare all with open arms, opening space for growth and opportunities, allowing myself to become my true, authentic self…