Get your meds!

Many forms of the physical practice of yoga are, in fact a moving meditation. The simple Sun Salutation vinyasa with the mind and breath synchronized creates a meditative state with movement. Moving meditation can action a shift of consciousness – while doing simple movements. It is a way of calming the mind and creating awareness. Meditation is typically associated with stillness, lying or sitting in a comfortable posture with the focus on the breath. Yet, movement can also provide a path to contemplation.

While flowing movement from one yoga asana to another can be a moving meditation, the practice of qigong, tai chi and aikido also involve moving meditation, as does walking a labyrinth and Sufi whirling. Even dance movements can form the foundation for moving meditation.

At Immersive Yoga you’re in for a treat! The schedule has been planned out to assist you to go deeper into your practice, or for starting the practice for the very first time. Immerse yourself in all the various forms of meditation, including both stillness and movement techniques. See what works for you and gain access to tools to support your practice each day depending on your mood and energy levels, one day a movement meditation may suit you more and another sitting quietly, observing the breath.

Each morning we first practice Pranayama (breathing exercises) which help remove any toxins and supplies more oxygen to the body and mind in preparation for the meditation and yoga. Pranayama is the key to a healthy body and those practicing regularly, feel very energetic throughout the day. We will then go straight into the meditations, followed by a yoga class. There will be a variety of different techniques used and some that we will keep the same to allow you to explore one more deeply on a regular basis. The meditations will be twice daily giving you the time and space to explore your inner world, plus there’s plenty of free time for you to practice as you please. Group meditation is also a very strong experience, the collective energy, intention that emanates between the group is truly special. It’s also a good opportunity to see if you can still keep the focus if someone coughs!

Types of meditation offered at Immersive Yoga

*Movement meditation, yoga, ecstatic dance and walking meditation

*Spiritual meditation, visualisations, guidance, affirmations, loving kindness (Metta)

*Mantra meditation, chanting

*Breath focused, silent meditation

*Nature meditation, sensory, Full Moon/New Moon, Sun gazing, hike to Moon bay

*Mindfulness (Zen) meditation

*Yoga nidra (Yogic sleep), body scan

Practicing around the same time each day can make meditation a habit that is easy to incorporate into daily life, this we hope you can take home with you after the retreat.

Meditation is a simple strategy that can help obtain better health and a happier life. It takes time to master, as does any other skill. So, if you stick with it and are willing to experiment with the different methods, you are more likely to discover a meditation style that suits you!