Richart Voller

As spiritual beings, we are conscious that we are in essence electromagnetic beings. And that we have our own energy field which we call an Aura. You can sense people with positive Auras because their energy field is full of love and it shines bright. People with positive Auras are Uplifters, are Inspirational and Empower you to thrive and prosper. They have a positive effect on their community and are able to lead people in a new evolutionary direction. Everyone has the ability to fill their Aura with love no matter what their circumstances. I discovered how to be aware of my aura and how to fill it with love and radiate it out to people after losing everything and ending up living on the streets of Amsterdam.
Today I have a lovely eco-home near Valencia in Spain and have transformed my aura energy to radiate on a higher vibration of love. I became a certified Reiki healer and combine this with my art to help people to see and feel just how much love they have within themselves by painting their radiant and beautiful aura and also supporting long-term through Clarity Coaching work.  
I was feature interviewed for the REAL LIVES section in Spirit & Destiny magazine, the UK’s No.1 best selling spiritual magazine, June issue 2020. I open up and share my true story about my awakening and discovering my unique for aura painting. 
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