Covid-19 Update (5th May 2020) – During these uncertain times, we wanted to reassure you that we still plan to run our ibiza yoga retreat however we have now changed the dates to 22nd May 2021 & 29th May 2021. We are still accepting refundable deposits.

Immerse Yourself

Immersive yoga isn’t just your average ibiza yoga retreat. It is an invitation to explore, connect and go deeper through the practice of yoga into your own being. It is open to everyone whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey or well into your own practice. If you can breath, you can do yoga. We have a program carefully designed to progressively take you deeper, experiencing complete presence, expanding, healing, honoring your soul, whilst at the same time connecting to other like minded people simultaneously on the same frequency.

Set on the magical island of Ibiza by the stunningly iconic bay of Benirras, experience the famous hippy drumming that takes place every evening at sunset, allow the tribal sounds and throbbing energy connect you to the beauty of the island and precious nature that surrounds you. However, beyond its gorgeous setting and inspiring location, Benirras delivers on a deeply spiritual level, providing a haven of happiness to all those who seek her shores. There we meet, completely immersed and finally coming home to ourselves.

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The program has the perfect balance giving you the right amount of time for practices, self reflection, growth, rest, fun and free time to explore the island. We have also added unique creative workshops throughout the week. Ever wanted to attend a Cacao ceremony, learn more about astrology or simply relax in consciousness through yoga nidra and sounds. So join us on our next Immersive Yoga experience.

Typical Daily Schedule at Immersive Yoga

Self service breakfast in your own time
  • 09.00 : Pranayama class
  • 09.15 : Morning Vinyasa yoga class (Yang based)
  • 10.45 : 30 min morning guided meditation
  • 12.30 : Healthy vegetarian lunch

Free time/workshops/hikes/massage – workshop days – silent walking meditation, aura painting, creative writing, astrology, guest teachers

  • 17.30 : 15 min evening guided meditation
  • 17.45 : Evening yoga class (Yin based)
  • 19.15 : Free time to eat out & hippy drumming
  • 20.30:  Workshop night – Moon meditation, cacao ceremony, yoga nidra, ecstatic dance

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Schedule

Benirras Beach Yoga Retreat 

One of Ibiza’s most talked about beaches, as much for the atmosphere as for the scenery, Benirras is a medium sized beach with rocky, grainy sand and almost unbelievably clear water.  The beach is a 4-minute walk from Villa Roca and the Pagoda Garden along a private-path.  One of the most famous beaches on the […]

What to wear to a yoga retreat?

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Yoga Retreat for Beginners

Well, where to start? At the beginning it seems! We all have that first time with anything new we start. It can feel exciting, unnerving and when it comes to our bodies we can feel limited and uncertain of our capabilities. For me, going on my first yoga retreat in Italy was what inspired me […]

The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras Join me on this journey as we explore and discover the colourful seven chakras in more detail. Known as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ we can tap into these energy centers at any time, enabling us to get the most out of life as we expand and grow. Knowing which chakra to work on […]

Lovely Bones

Lovely bones You are unique. That is nothing new, but the implications of this statement are vast. You are unique and therefore, what works for you, what suits your body (your biology) will be different from what works for other people. Your history (your biography) is uniquely yours. When you consider both your biology and […]

Why 2020 is the year to book onto a Yoga Retreat.

Self-care is essential for your overall well-being. With every aspect of your life becoming more and more demanding, you have to pause and set aside time for yourself. It could be something as simple as taking a nice, warm bath, indulging in a new book, or getting more sleep than usual. It could also be […]

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